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My responsibilities

If we decide to work together, I commit to being 100% invested in your health and wellness


Undertake your commitment

If we decide to work together, I commit to being 100% invested in your health and wellness in an honest and sensitive way.  My responsibilities are to work tirelessly to find solutions, keep up to date with research, and ensure that I offer the most effective treatments that do not cause harm.

In return, I expect a level of commitment from my patients.  To reduce waiting times for patients and help as many people as I can, I now only work with individuals who prioritise health at the highest level. I am fully committed to helping people who are ready and willing to make the changes required to move them to optimal health.

I therefore ask all new patients to determine whether they are prepared to undertake the following commitment prior to working together.


What to expect at your consultation

In most cases, the initial appointment will last between 1 hour and 90 minutes. Follow-up visits will last for just under an hour. All of them will take place in a relaxed, warm and welcoming environment. Virtual appointments are also an option.

My approach is always to get to the root cause of your health problems. In most instances, I will suggest laboratory testing. We may be able to request some of these from your GP, but many of the more specialised testing is not routinely offered by the NHS. In some cases, if you are working with an NHS consultant, we may be able to access more testing on the NHS. I will be happy to write to your GP to request testing, if appropriate.

However, a large part of testing may have to be performed privately.

After the consultation, I will put together a comprehensive and personalised plan to move you towards your health goals. You may have to make lifestyle changes that will impact on your health. I appreciate that making changes isn't always easy, so our health coach will be on hand to help you implement your treatment strategy.

The number and frequency of visits you make to the clinic is dependent on your needs, but in order to keep continuity, I recommend monthly visits.


How to Prepare for your appointment

​Prior to your consultation you will be emailed a password-protected intake form. Some of the questions on this may seem unrelated to your problems but please fill in as much detail as possible. The form takes approximately 90-120 minutes to complete and we request that this is done at least two days in advance of the consultation to allow me to review the information.  This ensures the most can be made of your time spent in the clinic.

If you have had NHS blood tests or other investigations, please bring along copies of these to your appointment.

You will receive a full report detailing your history, possible root causes for your problems and a 'Functional Medicine Prescription' detailing the recommended initial treatment protocol. This may include changes to lifestyle, diet, herbal medicine and supplementation where appropriate.

Our health coach will be on hand to help with implementing the changes.

My consulting fees


First Consultation Plus Health Coaching Session

Contact Me
£192 or £144

Repeat Consultation

Contact Me

Consultation Prices

New 90-minute session + 1-hour health coaching

50-minute follow-up + 30-minute health coaching (only on the Platinum Package)

*Lab fees and supplements are not included


£354 First Consultation

£144 Return


£354 First Consultation

£192 Return
Includes treatment * Not all applicable for virtual appointments
Protocol to follow in between appointments
Appointment guaranteed within 3 weeks *except holidays
Support in between appointments
Health coaching support to help you implement treatment strategy

Start Today!

Let's work together to see how I can help. I welcome clients from every race, creed, colour, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation and gender expression. I provide a safe and empathic space for anyone who is committed to working with me to improve their health.

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