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A functional approach to Heart Health

When you think of cardiovascular disease (CVD), you are likely to only think of your heart, but the truth is that this silent disease can affect your brain and many other systems throughout your body. It is responsible for almost 50% of all deaths in the UK and increases your risk for heart attack, sudden death, and stroke, to name just a few.
Heart and circulatory diseases cause nearly 30% of all deaths in Scotland, or around 17,000 deaths each year - that's almost 50 people per day or 1,400 per month.

CVD is often a silent killer. Many of the people it strikes never see it coming until it's too late to prevent. It is not uncommon for the first symptom to be a fatal heart attack, yet CVD is largely preventable if detected early.

Despite CVD being so common and preventable, very little is done in our healthcare system to address the situation. The only "preventative" test usually run by doctors is cholesterol which is an utterly inadequate predictor of CVD.

To get a true picture of cardiovascular health, much more sophisticated testing and treatment is required.

What is the Functional Medicine Approach?

Imagine a plant that is wilting. To get that plant back to health, we need to think about why it may be wilting. To thrive, plants have some basic requirements including sufficient water, nutrients, the right environment, sunlight and love! It may also have infection. So, we could just paint the leaves a green colour and say “that looks so much better”, but underneath we haven’t addressed any of the root causes.

In essence, we create a temporary fix that looks good at first glance. The alternative is to fully investigate what is causing distress for the plant and resolve the contributing issues. In the same way, we can look at symptoms, and simply treat those with pharmaceuticals that will, for instance, lower cholesterol. Or we can figure out why the disease has developed and work backwards to find the best long-term strategy.

Conventional medicine is best suited to dealing with emergency care, and if you are having a cardiovascular incident, you want to be in the care of your allopathic doctor. In terms of prevention, our medical systems are not geared up for finding the root causes.

We have put together the most comprehensive panels of testing to determine your risk for developing CVD. Even if you already have CVD, the information from these panels can help us understand what is driving the condition.

Based on a very thorough health history and extensive testing, we can then work out the best strategy to optimise all the values.

What patients are saying

What happy clients are saying about Cardioscopy

January 2008
I am able to tackle new challenges

”I cannot believe the difference in myself from where I was two months ago. I just wanted to write to say thank you for all that you have done. I am back at work and feel that I am able to tackle new challenges. The anxiety and depression has eased up and others are noticing too. Colleagues and friends have commented that I look like a different person. I’ve decided to have a “maintenance” session every month to make sure that I stay where I am now!”

December 2007
The changes have been enormous

“3 months ago when I dragged my reluctant husband in for a SCIO session I was worried sick about him and his health. Now, he walks 2 miles each day, has lost a lot of weight, looks and feels a million times better. His stress levels at work are still high but he is now able to cope much better and is much more positive about his career and even at home. The changes have been enormous and it must be the best thing that could have done for our family.”

March 2008
I’ve got my life back

“I just wanted to write and tell you that my job presentation went so well and I have been given a good offer. Who would have known that just 2 months before I was unable to leave my home due to chronic panic attacks. I’ve got my life back. Thank you.”

April 2008
This was the best £90 I have ever spent

"Just to update you that I went ahead with the Biofeedback scan on Wednesday at the Edinburgh Clinic. This was the best £90 I have ever spent. To think of all the thousands of pounds that I had spent on CT Scans/Colonoscopy/Endoscopy at a private hospital to get answers to my bowel/stomach problem and nothing had shown up.The results from the Biofeedback scan showed Candida Albicans and lactose intolerance which explains all of my problems – bowel, stomach, indigestion, persistent tiredness, lethargy, brain fog, cramps, memory loss etc. Now that I know what I’m coping with and with Charmaine’s guidance I can move on as I have felt my life has been on hold for 7 months. Also shown on the scan was my severe chronic neck and back problems. thank you for having this amazing scan in your clinics – it took just over an hour for me to be told what was wrong with me.”

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