Functional Blood Analysis

Blood testing can provide fundamental information for health.  However, many patients who feel unwell come out “normal” on their labs. Yet, clinically you can tell that the individual is far from operating optimally.

Functional medicine testing goes beyond traditional blood analysis to reveal more about your health picture. By using both traditional and more advanced testing as well as looking at optimal rather than “normal” ranges, you can glean a great deal of information about the state of a your health.

Traditional lab tests base their results on statistics, or a one size fits all range across the entire population. These ‘normal’ reference ranges represent “average” populations rather that the optimal level required to maintain good health;  and are too broad to adequately detect health problems and dysfunction, before they become pathological.

Moreover, being able to interpret the fine nuances between different blood  markers is a fundamental aspect of functional medicine. Often each marker is  looked at individually, but the relationship between different biomarkers can  be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Often  there isn’t only one contributing factor to dis-ease in the body. Multiple  contributors can lead to less than optimal health and getting comprehensive blood analysis could be valuable in both prevention and treatment.


With our  comprehensive Functional Analysis panel (, we identify the status  of 13 body system, 7 accessory systems, 7 Macronutrient systems, assess the status of 14 nutrients and 40 clinical dysfunctions.

This comprehensive test panel is a great starting point to understanding your health and risks, whether you are using this to identify future risk, potential health problems or managing chronic conditions, or simply identifying why you are not feeling well.

The Comprehensive Functional Analysis is a panel of over 80 blood test  biomarkers, providing key information about what is really going on in your body.

The price  includes a 60-minute test interpretation consultation where we will review your test results in strict functional ranges and make recommendations to improve your body biochemistry. A 50 page health report will also be  included.

What does it involved?

1. You will be sent a test kit by post.

2. We will schedule your blood draw in our Edinburgh clinic, or help you find a phlebotomist local to you.

3. Bring your kit along to the appointment ot have your samples taken.

4. On the same day as your appointment, you will send your blood sample off to the lab via Royal Mail (postage is prepaid)

5. Test results will be ready in about 10 days

6. Your results will be interpreted back to you in a consultation and a plan to go forward will be discussed.

Your personalised health status report will include over 50 pages of data specific to you and will include:

13 Body Systems:

1. The Gastrointestinal System

2. The Thyroid

3. The Gall Bladder

4. Sex Hormones

5. The Liver

6. The Prostate

7. Blood Sugar Regulation

8. The Immune System

9. The Bones

10. The Cardiovascular System

11. Red Blood Cells

12. The Kidneys

13. The Adrenals

7 Accessory Systems:

1. Acid Base

2. Lipids

3. Inflammation

4. Oxidative Stress

5. Heavy Metals

6. Allergy

7. Toxicity

7 Macronutrient System Status:

1. Mineral Index

2. Fat Index

3. Vitamin Index

4. Protein Index

5. Hydration Index

6. Electrolyte Index

7. Carbohydrate Index

14 Nutrient Deficiencies

Zinc, Iron, Selenium, DHEA, Vitamin B6, Glutathione, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Calcium, B12/Folate, Iodine, Molybdenum, Thiamine, Magnesium

Over 40 Clinical Dysfunctions are checked:

Adrenal Insufficiency –  Dysglycaemia  – Adrenal Stress – Endothelial Dysfunction –  Intestinal Hyperpermeability – Insulin Resistance – Parathyroid- Anemia – Fatty Liver –  Renal Disease – Atherosclerotic Process – Fatty Liver/Steatosis – Iron Overload – Renal Insufficiency – Bacterial Infection – Gastric Inflammation –  Liver Cell Damage – Testosterone Deficiency  – Biliary Insufficiency – Gout – Liver Cirrhosis – Tissue/Cell Damage –  Biliary Obstruction – Helicobacter Pylori – Liver Dysfunction – Type 2 Diabetes – BPH Hyperthyroidism – Magnesium need – Viral Infection – Calcium Need – Hypochlorhydria – Metabolic Acidosis – Congestive Heart Dysfunction – Hypoglycaemia – Metabolic Alkalosis – Coronary Artery Insufficiency – Hypothyroidism (primary) – Metabolic Syndrome – DHEA – Hypothyroidism (secondary) – Muscle Atrophy / Breakdown – Dysbiosis – Hypothyroidism (T4) – Immune Insufficiency – Pancreatic Insufficiency

Lab screen, report and consultation: £795.