How Charmaine helped Aime avoid disability and live her happiest life yet

Aime* is in her early 50s and lives in Scotland with her husband and two daughters. She has a demanding people-facing job. *Aime’s real name has been changed to protect her privacy.

Leading a busy life left Aime little time to listen to her body



Aime’s life was relentlessly busy. She worked during school hours, while her kids were out. In the evenings she went back towork, leaving little time for herself.




‘I always felt tired, my memory would go and my concentration got quite poor. But yet I carried on. I thought: I'm perimenopausal so I just need to get on with it.’




Aime pushed through how she was feeling and put more pressure on herself. This made her irritable and her family bore the brunt of how she was feeling.



Sudden cramps in her leg left Aime feeling out of control and anxious



One day, on her way to lunch, Aime’s leg locked out entirely with cramps, which forced her to the ground. These incidents became more frequent and unpredictable in the following weeks.


Aime suffered constant discomfort and nerve sensation in both legs. It meant she was unable to work, drive or walk very far and she was forced to use crutches to move around.



Blood tests and an MRI scan showed inconclusive results. The next step was an invasive spinal tap procedure.  


With no clear answers, she felt anxious and knew she needed more help.




Aime wanted answers and looked to Charmaine's huge knowledge for advice



Charmaine had been on Aime’s radar for about 8 years. She had come highly recommended and Aime liked her solution-based approach.



‘Charmaine has such huge knowledge about how the body functions. She knew exactly what was causing my condition when I described my symptoms. I had complete trust in her.’



Targeted testing showed the way towards a solution for Aime


Aime completed a questionnaire about her medical history. Based on this, Charmaine recommended some tests. They backed up her initial diagnosis of a deficiency in vitamins D and B12 and hormonal imbalance.


Aime started a course of B12 injections and met Charmaine every 6 weeks for a consultation. She repeated a questionnaire before each appointment. With explanations from Charmaine, they helped track her progress.  



‘It was all exceptionally easy, which is what I needed it to be. My anxiety levels were so high at the time it made it difficult to concentrate. Charmaine made the process very methodical and simple.’



Aime took control of herbreathing to feel calm and grounded


To help Aime with her anxiety, Charmaine also recommended HeartMath sessions with her health coach. Aime’s heart rate was measured while she followed on-screen instructions to regulate her breathing.    



‘Through HeartMath, Charmaine’s health coach helped me find the breath pattern that works best for me. Now if I need to, I go straight to that pattern. It makes me feel more grounded and calm.’




‘I feel better now than I have for 20-25 years.’



Aime started seeing improvements within 2-3weeks after first working with Charmaine.


The B12 injections and large doses of vitamin D calmed her cramping. She was more in control of her leg again and could pu toff the spinal tap procedure.


After 2 months Aime returned to work. She’s now able to drive to work and walk up many flights of stairs with no problem.


Aime also feels sharper, finds words easier and her memory has improved.


 ‘I feel happier and healthier than I have done for decades. Working with Charmaine has been a life-changing experience for me.’



Aime avoided permanent damage and learnt how to listen to her body


Crucially, Charmaine helped reverse and stop permanent changes in Aime’s brain. She no longer faces a life using crutches. With Charmaine’s help, Aime put fundamental and sustainable lifestyle improvements in place.      



‘Charmaine’s treatment has been empowering! I understand so much more about my body that Iwould never have known if I hadn’t gone through this process.’




Feeling more relaxed has created a closer connection to her family


Aime sleeps better now and is a lot more relaxed. Her family worries less and are more laid back around her. They are more open with each other and communicate better.



Strength, clarity and happiness are words that describe how Aime’s life feels today. She says:



‘Charmaine's awesome and she knows her stuff. Her work is life-changing and she does it in such a humble, gentle and elegant way.’




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