Heart Health and Vascular Prevention

We're thrilled to introduce two groundbreaking offerings designed to revolutionise your understanding of cardiovascular health: CIMT Scanning and our exclusive 6-Week Heart Health Programme. These initiatives are crafted to empower you to take charge of your heart health and pave the way for a vibrant life.

We're thrilled to introduce two ground breaking offerings designed to revolutionise your understanding of cardiovascular health:


CIMT Scanning and our exclusive 6-Week HeartHealth Programme. These initiatives are crafted to empower you to take charge of your heart health and pave the way for a vibrant life.

Did you know that the majority of cardiovascular incidents can be averted if detected early? Shockingly, in Scotland alone, 30% of deaths stem from cardiovascular events. It's a statistic that reflects not just a health concern, but a systemic challenge we face today.


In our medical landscape, the approach to cardiovascular health remains predominantly reactive. Often, access to crucial diagnostics,such as a carotid scan, is contingent upon experiencing a first incident, even with a family history of cardiovascular disease. This reactive approach,despite the well-established effectiveness of preventive measures in the realm of cardiovascular health, creates a significant gap in proactive care.


The Case for Early Intervention


Cardiovascular health stands as an area where prevention holds unparalleled efficacy. It's the space where early detection can potentially add not just years but decades to one's life. Yet, our current healthcare system largely awaits the occurrence of a critical incident before offering vital assessments like a carotid scan. 


Embracing Proactivity: A Pathway to Lifelong Wellness


We believe in a different narrative—a narrative of proactive cardiovascular health. It's about taking charge of our well-being before crisis strikes, unlocking the potential for a longer, healthier life. The power lies in early intervention, in understanding the signs our bodies offer and leveraging that knowledge to mitigate risks.


Introducing a Paradigm Shift in Heart Health


Our mission is to bridge this gap by empowering individuals with the tools for early intervention. We believe in the transformative impact of proactive care, where timely testing and personalised programmes pave the way for a healthier tomorrow.


We're dedicated to providing proactive solutions in cardiovascular health. Our initiatives, including advanced carotid scanning and comprehensive testing and preventive programmes, are designed to empower you totake control of your heart's well-being.


Let's Start Preventing, Not Just Treating


Join us in this paradigm shift toward proactive cardiovascular health. Let's prevent incidents before they occur and pave theway for a healthier, vibrant future.


Understanding Vascular Age: Are You Ageing Optimally?


Chronological age tells one story, but your biologicalage—the age your body reflects based on lifestyle and health—paints a different picture. Enter vascular age: a key derived from our advanced CIMT scanning technique, revealing the health of your blood vessels in comparison to your chronological age. It's a window into your heart's health that allows for proactive measures.


Unveiling the Factors Impacting Your Vascular Health:


Our blood vessels evolve over time. Recognising the influencers—hypertension, stress, cholesterol, inflammation, and more—is crucial. These factors drive the thickening of arterial walls, affecting not only your heart but also cognitive health. Our mission is to pinpoint these influencers for you personally, using extensive blood testing and then guiding you toward targeted improvements.


A Functional Medicine Approach: Personalised and Precise


We believe in a holistic approach. By delving deep into comprehensive metabolic blood panels, including cholesterol subfractions, homocysteine, insulin sensitivity, and more, we identify the specific areas needing attention. It’s not just one factor but understanding the intricate web of influences impacting your vascular system.


Deciphering Vascular Age: A Visual Journey


A CIMT scan provides a graph comparing your artery wall thickness to various ages. Where you fall on this graph determines your "vascular age." If it exceeds your chronological age, it's a cue for action—a sign that tailored lifestyle changes or interventions are needed to reduce cardiovascular risk.


Embrace Proactive Health: Join Our Heart Health Programme!


Our 6-week immersive Heart Health Programme is a transformative journey tailored to optimise heart health. From understanding lab results to customising nutrition, managing stress, and refining habits,this program equips you with tools for lasting change.


Programme Outline:


-Week 1: Understanding Your Cardiometabolic Risks: Cholesterol and Inflammation

-Week 2: Insights into Insulin and Blood Glucose

-Week 3: Nutrition Strategies for Heart Health

-Week 4: Nurturing Sleep and Emotional Health

-Week 5: Effective Exercise and Stress Management

-Week 6: Personalised Target Setting & Planning


Take advantage of our introductory offer for the Heart Health Programme at £495 (usually £1980), inclusive of a cardiometabolic blood panel, body composition analysis, heart rate variability assessment, and six intensive weekly group sessions.


Embark on this transformative journey toward vibrant heart health! Reach out with any questions or to secure your spot in the programme starting at the end of January. Let's unlock the secrets to your heart’s vitality together!

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