Why Nutrition is Important in Strengthening Your Immune System

Giving the body the optimal nutrition that it needs is the most important step in boosting your immune system.

The defences diet and immune superfoods  


Giving the body the optimal nutrition that it needs is the most important step in boosting your immune system. Here are some simple changes that you can make to help support immune function:


  • Sugar consumption is devastating to the immune system and suppresses its function significantly. Reduce significantly or eliminate all sources of processed sugar. Just with this step you will already be given the immune system a major jumpstart!

TIP:   You may have cravings and even feel unwell for a few days when you first eliminate sugar.  If this happens, make sure that you have small protein snacks at hand (such as grilled chicken, houmus or fish) as this will help stabilise blood sugar more naturally.


  • Eliminate processed foods as these often contain hidden chemicals which can disrupt immune function.  In other words, cook everything fresh from scratch and avoid pre-prepared sauces etc. This may take more time to prepare, but the benefits are very worthwhile.


  • Eating whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, and meat and eggs from organically raised animals is one way to minimise the intake of toxins and     unhealthy molecules that can inhibit your immune system's ability to protect your health.


  • Medicinal mushrooms such as Shiitake and Lingzhi have proven immune benefits (see recipe below). Make them a regular part of your diet.


  • Foods that have a particular immune boosting actions include fresh fish, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, kale, broccoli, goji berries and blueberries.  Include these daily in your diet.

Immune boosting shiitake mushroom Soup


This soup is great to cook if you already have an infection (or as a preventative!)


•         5 tablespoons Goji berries

•         2L chicken stock or vegetarian stock

•         2 large onions

•         12 thinly sliced Shiitake mushrooms

•         2 teaspoons ginger

•         6 chopped garlic cloves

•         2 chicken thighs (optional)


Soak the Goji berries in some cold water. Place the chicken and stock into a slow cooker or pot. Add the mushrooms, ginger & onions. Simmer for 1 and a half hour.

A few minutes before serving add the Goji berries and garlic .